opt_netgraph in netgraph/netgraph.h?

Lonnie VanZandt lonnie.vanzandt at ngc.com
Wed Sep 14 07:09:23 PDT 2005

The problem isn't that there is no generated opt_netgraph.h but that of all 
the numerous opt_netgraph.h files, none are found during the KLD compilation. 
I suspect either:

	1. I mistakenly deleted or lost to fs corruption the key opt_netgraph.h
	2. A /usr/src/* Makefile or a bsd include mk is missing a -I path specifier
	3. Whomever submitted the last netgraph.h edit forgot to tweak a conf or 
	4. some part of a recent cvsup failed and I didn't notice it

Reason (1) is not likely since a kernel rebuild should have restored any such 
deleted file...

My current workaround is to just touch an opt_netgraph.h into the "@" 
symlinked directory. Works fine. I just remain curious as to what's really 

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 11:53 am, John-Mark Gurney wrote:
> Lonnie VanZandt wrote this message on Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 10:00 -0600:
> > Sometime between 5.4 RC3 and 5.4 STABLE, netgraph/netgraph.h went from
> > version to In doing so, an include of
> > "opt_netgraph.h" was added to that file. This causes code including
> > netgraph/netgraph.h, on my system, to fail to compile since
> > opt_netgraph.h isn't in the include path.
> >
> > When a kernel conf file doesn't have "options NETGRAPH" the generated
> > opt_netgraph.h file is empty. With "options NETGRAPH" the file simply
> > contains "#define NETGRAPH 1". So, either way, the file isn't hard to
> > create - but I need to know where it should reside in the "@" hierarchy.
> >
> > Does anyone (say julian@) know? And, just for curiousity sake, does
> > anyone know which update step I probably overlooked which led to the
> > breakage on my platform?
> The opt_*.h files are automaticly created by config...  Sometimes you
> just need to rerun config before building your kernel...
> If it fails building the module, then the module's Makefile needs to
> be fixed to create the opt_*.h files as necessary...

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