opt_netgraph in netgraph/netgraph.h?

Lonnie VanZandt lonnie.vanzandt at ngc.com
Tue Sep 13 09:10:44 PDT 2005

Sometime between 5.4 RC3 and 5.4 STABLE, netgraph/netgraph.h went from version to In doing so, an include of "opt_netgraph.h" was added 
to that file. This causes code including netgraph/netgraph.h, on my system, 
to fail to compile since opt_netgraph.h isn't in the include path.

When a kernel conf file doesn't have "options NETGRAPH" the generated 
opt_netgraph.h file is empty. With "options NETGRAPH" the file simply 
contains "#define NETGRAPH 1". So, either way, the file isn't hard to create 
- but I need to know where it should reside in the "@" hierarchy.

Does anyone (say julian@) know? And, just for curiousity sake, does anyone 
know which update step I probably overlooked which led to the breakage on my 

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