PPPoE issue with CURRENT and 3com ADSL Modem

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Mon Sep 12 04:47:36 PDT 2005

On Monday 12 September 2005 04:00, ComteZero _ wrote:
> my ADSL account works fine with REL. 4.4 but not with my new CURRENT (5)
> could someone help me on this issue (logs provided here) ?
> (i saw that someone had a similar problem, but with previous netgraph
> revisions).
> thank you.
> Since my ADSL modem is 3Com HomeConnect, I've set the
> net.graph.nonstandard_pppoe=1
> ng_pppoe.c rev. is <>
> ng_socket.c rev. is <>

I would suspect this is not correct.. I believe you're supposed to use the 
net.graph.nonstandard_pppoe sysctl (man ng_pppoe), or to fix your client to 
use the correct mode.. See man ppp and look for 'set pppoe'.

I suggest you revert the 2 files back to their pristine state, rebuild your 
kernel & modules and try again.

> here is my ppp.log:
> Sep 11 19:42:17 fidelio ppp[24723]: Phase: Using interface: tun0
> Sep 11 19:42:17 fidelio ppp[24723]: Phase: deflink: Created in closed state

This log file is basically unreadable..
Please attach it as a file or supply a URL to where it can be downloaded 
without having been chewed on by your mail client.

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