cvsup stuff in BETA4

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Sat Sep 10 11:52:44 PDT 2005

At 8:19 PM +0200 9/10/05, Emanuel Strobl wrote:
>No, the other way arround. I know the cvsup problematic, I also know
>csup  (maby that will make it into the base system at one day?), but
>what I meant is that the cvsup example files are in /usr/share/examples,
>not  in /usr/local/share examples, where I expected them since they
>belong to non-base application.

They are config files for the FreeBSD base system.  They are not
config files *for* cvsup.  Ie, the CVSup program *itself* does not
need those files to exist for any reason.

And if csup winds up in the base system, we'll just move those
example files back in /usr/share/examples.  Looking at the CVS logs,
those files have been in that directory since sometime around 1996.
It seems pointless to move them *now*, just as we are making some
real progress towards having a cvsup-ish program in the base system.

Or at least, I hope we are!

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