cvsup stuff in BETA4

Philip S. Schulz ph.schulz at
Sat Sep 10 10:44:05 PDT 2005

on 10.09.2005 19:15 Uhr Emanuel Strobl said the following:
> Hello,
> I just installed BETA4 on my laptop and saw that the stable-supfile still 
> has RELENG_5 as default tag. Shouldn't this be changed to RELENG_6?
> Another question: Why are these example files in the base system while 
> cvsup itself isn't? I think they should be located 
> in /usr/local/share/examples, or /usr/local/etc together with the port...

Because you would still need to build ezm3 to build cvsup. And, AFAIK, 
there are platforms where cvsup is not fully supported, amd64 comes to 
If you want cvsup support in base, check the csup page and see what you 
can do.




Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

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