[atacontrol detach] drive platters won't stop

McLone mclone at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 17:55:34 PDT 2005

I'd like to not "halt -p" when changing HDDs on
regular IDE controllers. In 5.x times i used
> atacontrol detach 1
and i heard the sounds of stopping/parking HDD.
Now, in betas of 6, atacontrol (which uses not number
but ataN) detaches drive OK, but platters keep spinning.
Unplugging such a drive is bad for its health, i suppose.

Another complain: i didn't change a thing in BIOS setup
(old i815), but now inactive drives keep spinnin' forever,
they just won't sleep. sysutils/ataidle is "broken" too :-(

And another one, may be irrelevant: couple'a'months ago,
when detaching/attaching 120g Samsung ATA drive, the OS
wasn't able to pick partitions from it. (just ad2 in /dev, no
slices/labels), and kernel message "opening disk ad2" IIRC.

I worked it around by doing a lame
> atacontrol attach 1; sleep 1; atacontrol reinit 1
because simple reinit of channel didn't helped.
Only after that i was able to see GEOM messages stating
slices and their length. Strange, no?

This third problem was on every IDE chipset, but only with
approx. a half of HDDs, incl. Samsung, IBM but excl. WD.
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