Network while installation slooooooooooooooooow

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Sep 8 00:10:34 PDT 2005

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            "Roger Grosswiler" <roger at> writes:
: This would work fine, but transfer-ratios of 0.6 kb/sec are far a little
: bit to slow....
: is it possible, that pcmcia-cards (3com) are not supported well?

16 bit PC Cards are extremely well supported.  3com cards (except 3C1)
especially so.  While I've not run speed tests specifically with 3com
cards, I know that both the 10Mbps and 10/100Mbps cards are fast
enough that I've not noticed any problems related to them.  600 bytes
a second I'd sure notice.  May I ask which 3com card you are using?
If it is the 3C575, then that might also be a clue (since there are
ome known issues with the xl driver not present in the ep driver).

I'm not sure where the problem lies.  Let's take a look at a couple of

(1) Interrupt conflict/issues.  When the network ep card doesn't get
    an interrupt, ping times will be 1 second (1000ms) almost
    exactly.  This is due to ping sending a packet once a second, and
    that triggers reception of data.
(2) Borked physical layer.  Unfortunately, this will be hard to test
    w/o a different network card.  The ep driver doesn't do a good
    job of reporting status.  You'll want your LED on the 10Mbps cards
    to come on solid and stay solid until you transmit.  On the 10/100
    cards, you want the same thing.  I believe the dongle gives an
    indication of the speed.  netstat -in will help you see any
    really horrible network errors, but absense of errors here may not
    be a clean bill of health.
(3) Server interaction.  It is possible that there's a bad
    interaction, for reasons unknown, with your server.  Check there
    with netstat to make sure that you don't have any weird network
(4) Unknown bridge bug.  You may have a unknown cardbus bridge bug.
    However, without other cards to test, this can be hard to track
(5) Misbehaving hardware.  It is also possible that you have hardware
    that's misbahaving.  The panic from cdrom is a hint all might not
    be right in the state of denmark.  You may have some device that's
    interrupt at a high rate, but maybe not so high as to trigger the
    interrupt storm warnings.
(6) Your computer hates you.  There's really nothing that can be done
    on our end if this is the case :-)


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