Default route doesn't change to wireless device (ath0)

Bakul Shah bakul at
Wed Sep 7 16:16:01 PDT 2005

What works for me is not automatic but pretty simple.  When I
want to switch my laptop from <iface1> to <iface2>, I do:

    /etc/rc.d/netstart stop <iface1>
    /etc/rc.d/netstart start <iface2>

One interface is wired, the other wifi.  This works in either
direction and at home and at work.  I can also suspend my
laptop at home, resume at work and do the above switch to
whichever interface I want at work.  At the end of the day I
suspend the laptop at work and do the same thing at home.

Since the purpose is to be always `connected', and mobile
needs are different enough from stationary machines that I am
writing a simple daemon that will do all this + more.  It
will basically watch interfaces of interest and invoke the
right script(s).

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