Load ACPI when turned off in loader.con (also: no ACPI panics in ata probe in 7-current)

Martin Cracauer cracauer at cons.org
Wed Sep 7 07:19:15 PDT 2005

David O'Brien wrote on Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 03:19:02AM -0700: 
> On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 09:02:41PM -0400, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> > I just turned ACPI off in loader.conf.
> ...
> > Next I tried to unload the kernel first, but a "load acpi" just loads
> > the kernel module, not the acpi module.  I assume this is due to me
> > having it turned off in loader.conf.
> Boot any 6.0 beta CDROM and use the 'Fix-it' feature to mount your / and
> edit loader.conf to not stop the use of ACPI.

That's what I ended up doing, but it's just not sportish.

I don't think I had to use an alternate boot on a FreeBSD system in 10
years to solve a problem that wasn't manageable on single-user mode or
the bootloader prompt.

Linux on the other hand, mounting all filesystems read-write and
starting all RAIDs (which is a write operation in Linux), I should
probably add a CD drive to leave the OS CD in permanently :-)

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