Installation error Intel mobile ICH6M SATA controller.

JPKlodzinski jpk at
Wed Sep 7 00:18:45 PDT 2005

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I think this could also be interresting for this mailing list, to inform
that the problem ist fixed (from: i386-mailinglist):

WHOO HOO!!  You are CORRECT sir!  I cannot beleive
that the problem was the BIOS version.  Thank you for
your assistance and I am now BSD'ing again.  I want to
also thank everyone else who tried to help me on this


- --- Jerome-Pascale Klodzinski <jpk at> wrote:

>> I can take a look at the log-file of the BIOS
>> updates!  ;)  I just noticed
>> that the version A04 is no longer available on the
>> dell-support side. The
>> relevant info of the BIOS A05 is following:
>> 1. Fixed enhancement added in the A04 BIOS that
>> added support for INT 13
>> DMA transfers (under DOS) when operating in
>> protected mode. Problem
>> with previous BIOS revision prevented accessing the
>> systems hard-disk
>> drive in DOS when running in a protected mode
>> environment.
>> AS an attachment i send the whole log.
>> Regards
>> Jerome-P. Klodzinski

Eric Anderson wrote:
> JP Klodzinski wrote:
> Hello Dean,
> I'm sorry that i mixed the mailing lists, but i think this could also be
> interessting for all other in this list using a D610. I think that it
> not depends to th ICH6M SATA controller. It's an problem with the BIOS.
> I got my D610 with the BIOS A03 and everything worked fine. Than i
> updated the BIOS to A04 and the problems are the same as you described.
> I also testet every FBSD version i had. Today i updated the BIOS to the
> newest version A05 and no problems. So could you be so kind and may
> check your BIOS version if it is the A04, i hope you have a chance to
> update the BIOS. ;)
>> Just to confirm, I was using A03 on the D610's.
>> Eric
>>>> On 9/5/05, Dean Patterson <psamuel01 at> wrote:
>>>> [snip]
>>>> FWIW,
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