if_ural in 6.0-BETA1

Erik Winge erik.winge at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 13:20:04 PDT 2005


On 7/18/05, Ádám Szilveszter dr. <adam at nhh.hu> wrote:
> Hello,
> Unfortunately, I see similar symptoms with two ral(4) based cards (
> Conceptronic C54RC) in two laptops, one running 6.0-BETA, the other
> 7.0-CURRENT, both from 16th July. I have not yet been able to determine
> under what conditions the random dissassociations occur, but no network
> traffic is one way to more reliably trigger it. After the disassociation
> occurs, wpa_supplicant starts scanning, even finds the AP a couple of
> times, but fails to reassociate until killed and restarted. The AP is a
> Linksys WRT54G with original Linksys firmware, and I am using a
> WPA-PSK-based setup.

I still have the same problem in 6.0-BETA4. if_ural will disassociate
if the network connection is idle for more than a couple of minutes.
This happens every time I leave my computer running without any
network traffic. I also use WPA-PSK.

Erik Winge

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