Unable to extract distributions to disk with 6.0-BETA3 and ICH-6R controller

listas at informatica.info listas at informatica.info
Tue Sep 6 11:19:35 PDT 2005

I tried to install 6.0-BETA3 on this system:

- ASUS P5GD1 motherboard (ICH-6R controller).
- Pentium 4 processor, 3 GHz, 800 MHz FSB.
- Two 200 GB SATA drives in RAID mode.
- 1 GB RAM.

The standard install process went fine except for two things:

- Onboard LAN (Win627EHF I/O chip) undetected.
- When I try to extract distributions to disk, I get the following messages:

Write failure on transfer! (wrote XXXXXX of YYYYYYY bytes)

The same happens if I try ar0 (RAID device) or ad8 (single disk device).
I did not have this problem installing 5.4-RELEASE, except that ar0
(RAID) was not detected, and once I installed the distributions and
finished the install, 5.4 refused to boot even in non-RAID mode (because
of a GEOM problem, most likely).

Found the same problem with the 6.0-snapshot CD of july 2005.


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