Error installing 6.0 Beta 3 on my Dell Notebook

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Tue Sep 6 06:38:14 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 16:29, Roger Grosswiler wrote:
> I tried to install 6.0 Beta 3 from CD's on my Dell Notebook, which stopped
> in KBD with panic.
> I read a thread about this, saying that this happens when installing 6.0
> Beta 3 from CD's - so i downloaded the bootonly.iso and tried via ftp.
> But, even ftp broke after a nearly finished installation with the same
> error. Unfortunately, i did not write down the exact error. It has been a
> vn-panic...whatever...

The actual panic message is the really important bit..

The different images you downloaded all have exactly the same boot code so 
they'll give the same error.

What sort of laptop? Dell make quite a few models :)

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