cpio and tar are loosing flags (and a panic message without trace)

Tim Kientzle kientzle at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 5 03:31:43 PDT 2005

Emanuel Strobl wrote:
> Am Montag, 29. August 2005 12:37 CEST schrieb Yar Tikhiy:
>>On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 08:04:45PM +0200, Emanuel Strobl wrote:
>>>Then I remember Tim Kienzles great work for bsdtar and all the ACL
>>>stuff, but unfortunately a cvPPzf <> xvpPfz also looses the arch flag
>>Would you mind sending a PR on this issue with kientzle at freebsd.org
>>in Cc:?  I believe Tim will be interested in it.  I've just confirmed
>>myself using not-too-old CURRENT that bsdtar won't restore file
>>flags stored in its own archive:

Thanks for the report.  I've just committed a fix to -CURRENT
for this issue.

Let me know if this addresses the problem for you.



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