LOR on 6.0-BETA3

Kurt Jaeger pi at c0mplx.org
Sat Sep 3 14:34:44 PDT 2005


after booting an DELL Inspiron 3200 D266XT with 6.0-BETA3, the
following LOR can be found in the dmesg output:

lock order reversal
 1st 0xc097e980 UMA lock (UMA lock) @ /usr/src/sys/vm/uma_core.c:1494
 2nd 0xc1060144 system map (system map) @ /usr/src/sys/vm/vm_map.c:2317
KDB: stack backtrace:
kdb_backtrace(0,ffffffff,c0933960,c0933aa0,c08be0a4) at kdb_backtrace+0x29
witness_checkorder(c1060144,9,c08745c9,90d) at witness_checkorder+0x564
_mtx_lock_flags(c1060144,0,c08745c9,90d) at _mtx_lock_flags+0x5b
_vm_map_lock(c10600c0,c08745c9,90d) at _vm_map_lock+0x26
vm_map_remove(c10600c0,c1984000,c1985000,c8c56c0c,c0781b69) at vm_map_remove+0x1f
kmem_free(c10600c0,c1984000,1000,c8c56c3c,c0781516) at kmem_free+0x25
page_free(c1984000,1000,2) at page_free+0x29
zone_drain(c1498000) at zone_drain+0x26a
zone_foreach(c07812ac,c8c56cec,c0793497,c8c56c74,246) at zone_foreach+0x37
uma_reclaim(c8c56c74,246,0,c8c56c80,c062b459) at uma_reclaim+0x12
vm_pageout_scan(0,c097ede0,0,c0875ab6,604) at vm_pageout_scan+0x103
vm_pageout(0,c8c56d38,0,c07942ec,0) at vm_pageout+0x2c3
fork_exit(c07942ec,0,c8c56d38) at fork_exit+0xa0
fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0x8
--- trap 0x1, eip = 0, esp = 0xc8c56d6c, ebp = 0 ---

The full dmesg output can be found at:


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