Load ACPI when turned off in loader.con (also: no ACPI panics in ata probe in 7-current)

Martin Cracauer cracauer at cons.org
Sat Sep 3 18:02:43 PDT 2005

I just turned ACPI off in loader.conf.

Unfortunately it turns out that 7-current on my dual Opteron (Armima
HDAMB) panics in ata probe when ACPI is off (bug report to follow).

That means I cannot even get into single user mode.  I need to load
ACPI from the loader prompt before booting the kernel.

I tried "load acpi" which does not report an error, but neither a
loaded module.  Booting the kernel afterwards leads to the same panic.

Next I tried to unload the kernel first, but a "load acpi" just loads
the kernel module, not the acpi module.  I assume this is due to me
having it turned off in loader.conf.

What is the right procedure to do this? Can I tell the bootloader to
ignore loader.conf?

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