[ANN] Google Soc: Fuse port with sshfs support

Csaba Henk csaba.henk at creo.hu
Thu Sep 1 23:43:02 PDT 2005


I'm glad to announce the first public release of my Fuse port
to FreeBSD. Fuse is programmer-friendly userspace filesystem
framework, getting more and more popular, originally written
for Linux. See more at http://fuse.sourceforge.net.

As a Google Summer of Code 2005 participant, my aim was
originally to provide FreeBSD with an ssh based networked 
filesystem. I went on to port Fuse because this is already
available there. The instructions to run Fuse on FreeBSD
with sshfs can be found in the README of the tarball.

Look for the latest tarball in


as fuse4bsd-<version>.tar.bz2. (Currently this means
version 0.01).

What is closest to be a project homepage is 


Latest development versions will be available via Darcs,

darcs get http://creo.hu/~csaba/darcs-repos/fuse4bsd

command gets them for you.

The release is pretty much beta quality, so don't run them 
on production servers, given that you have production servers
running CURRENT, as it's been developed on/for that branch
(should work with RELENG-6, too, though). But certainly now 
you can mount them, even if you don't run NFS on them -- what
they will see from inside is just an ordinary sftp connection...
And you can try the other things, like GmailFS, and Fuse frontends to
compression libraries, and so on (see the list at
http://fuse.sourceforge.net/filesystems.html). Mainly their usability
should depend on the portability of their private userspace solutions,
which shouldn't mean a big problem in the world of open source Unices
and lookalikes. (I personally didn't yet get there to play with them.)

Any feedback is warmly welcome at my FreeBSD dot org address,

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