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Thu Sep 1 14:49:40 PDT 2005


While examining my system (FreeBSD 6.0-BETA3 amd64) and removing the old
libs from before the version bump, I noticed that the time stamp on
/libexec/ does not match that of other system files. The date
leads me to believe that my current is a remainder of a
previous installation (its date matches the date of, which was
recently bumped to

While trying to figure out why the new (which appears to
have been built correctly) isn't installed. I finally arrived at this point:

# cp -p /usr/obj/usr/src/libexec/rtld-elf/ /libexec
cp: /libexec/ Text file busy

(This is in single user mode. The result is the same if I use
/rescue/cp, which is statically linked.)

The open(2) manpage has this to say about it:

  [ETXTBSY]      The file is a pure procedure (shared text) file that
                 is being executed and the open() system call requests
                 write access.

So, my question: How can Install the new

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