problems with wifi

Sam Leffler sam at
Sat Dec 31 16:13:21 PST 2005

Bill Paul wrote:
>>yes, i can load if_ath, wireless card is found and i can set it up as 
>>ath0, but i still have no signal (and there are many ap's - i can see
>>with different pcmcia card)
> Note that if this in fact a problem with ACPI not supporting the
> wireless enable switch on your laptop correctly, it won't work
> with the NDISulator any better than it will with the ath(4) driver.
> I think the wireless enable switch controls the connection to the
> antenna(s), and is a separate device from the NIC itself that varies
> in implementation depending on the laptop. The NDIS driver only knows
> how to manipulate the NIC hardware: the NIC manufacturer can't really
> customize the driver for each laptop out there (and the laptop
> manufacturers usually don't customize the drivers either, beyond
> sticking their logo on them).

	<...ndis related stuff deleted...>

Handling this in the ath driver is actually very simple; I've just never 
done it 'cuz none of my laptops have the this setup to test with.  When 
you hit the switch the driver gets an interrupt from the ath card and 
can then toggle the state of the rfkill pin.  If you run the latest code 
out for testing there is also a sysctl that you can use to control this 


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