fetch extension - use local filename from content-dispositionheader (new diff)

Andrey Chernov ache at FreeBSD.ORG
Sat Dec 31 00:55:07 PST 2005

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 02:28:48PM -0500, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> The content-disposition header is a standard web feature that we have
> no good reason to ignore (as long as we don't turn it on unless
> directly user-requested).  We are just advancing with web technology,
> which partly moves from explicit naming in URLs to simpler (for them)
> schemes.

There is easy way to make most security hackarounds unneeded in the way 
like every browser does: confirm final file name interactively. I.e. fetch 
can do something like this:

Save as filename.exe (Y/N)?


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