fetch extension - use local filename from content-dispositionheader (new diff)

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Fri Dec 30 22:15:50 PST 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 06:56 pm, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Friday 30 December 2005 06:25 pm, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> > Martin Cracauer <cracauer at cons.org> writes:
> > > Ok, how about [...]
> >
> > how about I spell it out as simply as I can: "no"
> Nice to see your concern for actual users.  I guess people should just go
> use wget or curl instead?  For that matter, why stick with FreeBSD when you
> get to endure such helpful attitudes?  Offering suggestions rather than
> just "piss off" would be more constructive.  I understand that the new
> off-by-default feature does allow one to blow one's foot off, but UN*X has
> a long history of delivering bullets to one's feet in a speedy fashion when
> specifically requested.

I haven't read any replies to this, but my conscience is killing me.  I'm 
sorry for the tone I used above, especially to Des.  I am quite frustrated 
with some of the attitudes displayed in the thread to the original submitter 
who is just trying to make FreeBSD better to get useful work done, but 
blowing up is not the right way to handle that.

Martin, if you are unable to make any headway getting your patch to fetch 
integrated, and/or having anyone else come up with a better implementation of 
the feature you need, there are several other programs like curl or wget that 
you can use instead.  Given that Mozilla already does what you want it seems 
likely that at least one open-source command-line URL fetcher will be willing 
to accept patches to implement the feature you need for your scripts.

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