problems with wifi

Ondra Holecek bln at
Fri Dec 30 16:56:01 PST 2005


if i use ndis (driver for AR 5212), i can't see any ndis0 interface

driver is net5211.inf, ar5211.sys => ar5211_sys.ko, which should work 
with this chipset.

i have compiled kernel with
options         NDISAPI
device          ndis

and with or without device ath

but still no success

the "wireless key" does not show anything in xev, maybe it is the reason?

what to do with it?

thank you

JoaoBR wrote:
> On Friday 30 December 2005 11:18, Ondra Holecek wrote:
>>in BIOS there is the only option "Wireless default setting" = ENABLED
>>(but the LED showing the state of wifi is still off)
> Hi
> in order to get the onboard wireless device to work you need to use the ndis 
> driver.
> Anyway, even so, since 6.0-RC1 if I remember well the LED do not work anymore 
> even if the device is working fine. This is unfortunatly not very handy since 
> you never know the reason of connection problems. Still worse is that when 
> you switch off with the button pressed "off" the device do stay off on next 
> boot until you press the button again.
> You could check with xev the button number and write a small script to catch 
> it that you are getting an advice/popup when you accidently press the button.
> On my NB it is
> 214 WLbutton off
> 213 WLbutton on
> João
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