problems with wifi

Ondra Holecek bln at
Fri Dec 30 04:25:55 PST 2005


i have bought new notebook - Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1650G

it has problems with acpi (eg. acpiconf -s3 does not work, etc.), and it 
has also integrated 802.11b/g card - recognized as ath0.

I can set it up, but it has no signal - i gues it is because it should 
be somehow turned on - there is the button on keyboard for this purpose, 
but of course it does not work in fbsd.

I think, if i solve the problems with acpi, wifi will work.

I have dmesg full of this messages:

Dec 30 12:41:33 vergilius kernel: ACPI-0501: *** Error: Handler for 
[EmbeddedControl] returned AE_NO_HARDWARE_RESPONSE
Dec 30 12:41:33 vergilius kernel: ACPI-1304: *** Error: Method execution 
failed [\_TZ_.TZS0._TMP] (Node 0xc29f9c00), AE_NO_HARDWARE_RESPONSE

Of course, i would do any necessary tests if somebody tells me how.



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