IBM Blade Center - FreeBSD on HS20 type MTM 8832/N1X

Andrea Brancatelli andrea at
Thu Dec 29 08:07:15 PST 2005

Alle 16:29, giovedì 29 dicembre 2005, hai scritto:

> >Here's the symptoms... when booting from CD the CD boots regulary, then
> > the "searching for Kernel" part comes in, the whirl starts spinning and
> > everything stop. I mean, it doesn't stop, it keeps spinning and spinning
> > and spinning and spinning, but without doing anything. If I take the CD
> > out of the drive it returns and error complaining it can't find the
> > Kernel and asking me where it should look for it.
> Are you sure it's not USB?
> We have a LS20 blade-center and the whole media-bay (where floppy and
> cdrom live) and the KVM are connected via USB - it's even USB1.1, so
> installling something from CDROM is dead-slow (in addition, the
> brain-dead java remote-console together with this USB-CDROM-crazyness
> makes remote-installation of RHEL3+4 impossible...).

Yes, you are right, it's a USB CD-Rom I mistakenly tought it was SCSI.

Anyhow I got behind the CD Rom problem, now I'm trying to figure out how to be 
able to use the keyboard when Sysinstall starts... :-(

Andrea Brancatelli

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