New malloc ready, take 42

Jason Evans jasone at
Wed Dec 28 21:15:17 PST 2005

On Dec 28, 2005, at 9:06 PM, David Xu wrote:
> I am using patch file jemalloc_20051222c.diff. I don't use
> MALLOC_OPTIONS and don't create link malloc.conf in /etc.
> I have tested super-smack with following command:
> %super-smack ./select-key.smack 10 5000
> Query Barrel Report for client smacker1
> connect: max=4ms  min=1ms avg= 2ms from 10 clients
> Query_type      num_queries     max_time        min_time         
> q_per_s
> select_index    100000  0       0       15895.76

Can you please try again with MALLOC_OPTIONS=aj, and (similar to the  
tests I ran):

MALLOC_OPTIONS=aj super-smack ./select-key.smack 4 10000

It will be helpful to know whether your hardware behaves differently  
for the same test.  Also, I don't have any working hardware right  
now, so I can't try to reproduce your results.


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