ATI on FreeBSD! FireGL Linux Driver Port

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Dec 27 03:32:40 PST 2005

On Tue, 27 Dec 2005 04:49:41 +0100
Chris Gilbert <Chris at> wrote:

> The driver as it stands does the following:

I haven't looked at the port version of this, but I haven't seen any
changes described regarding those entries in the announcement.

>  * Installs the applicable linux libraries, and ATI programs to your 
> linux_base.

Depending on what those programs do, this is wrong.

 - libs have to go to LINUXBASE if they are "infrastructure" (usable by
   other ports)
 - programs have to go to X11BASE or LOCALBASE if they are enduser
   programs instead of "infrastructure"

Some examples:
 - generic libs which are used by linux programs belong into LINUXBASE
 - the tools which come with e.g. libjpeg are installed into LINUXBASE
   (everyone would use the FreeBSD native ones and the linux ones
   belong into the "infrastructure" category)
 - the linux version of firefox or the Intel C/C++ compiler , will be
   started by the user of the system, so it belongs into X11BASE or

So I think the ATI libs belong into LINUXBASE and the ATI programs an
user would use belongs into X11BASE (or maybe LOCALBASE, depending what
they do).

>  * Installs the X11 drivers and libraries. (Linux builds, but work fine under 
> FreeBSD)

As long as the drivers are self-contained (no references to glibc parts
or other linux specific libs), this is behavior as designed.

It's great to see someone working on this.

Alexander (another ATI cards user).

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