Signature verification failed [OT] (was: Re: vgapci doesn't want to attach agp on ASUS M5A)

Martin P. Hansen mph at
Sun Dec 25 17:11:47 PST 2005

On Mon, 26 Dec 2005, Max Laier wrote:
> It's the mailing list that insists on rewriting "Content-Type:" - or better, 
> does not like the way kmail handles "Content-Type:" ... or at least that's 
> what is usually boils down to.  This time the ML just decided to strip off 
> one attachment completely (as kmail declared it to be text/x-java for some 
> reason out of my understanding).  Here it is as text/plain.

Ah, so someone actually did tamper with the message ;-)

Anyways it is good to know it isn't my setup.

Martin P. Hansen

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