New malloc ready, take 42

Jason Evans jasone at
Fri Dec 23 11:48:52 PST 2005

On Dec 23, 2005, at 2:05 AM, David Xu wrote:
> If I have linked " aj>>>>>>>" to /etc/malloc.conf for phkmalloc, the
> super-smack get better result, on my Pentium-D 2.8Ghz machine,
> before this set,  the select-key.smack can only reach 19500 q_per_s,
> after the set, it can reach 20791.33 q_per_s !

Was this a CURRENT system?  If so, did you use the 'aj' flags when  
running the first test?  By default, CURRENT has 'AJ' set, which  
means that junk filling is on unless you turn it off.  Junk filling  
would cause approximately the performance difference you measured.


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