SSH login takes very long time...sometimes

Kobi Shmueli kobi at
Fri Dec 23 05:30:00 PST 2005

Michael A. Koerber wrote:
>   I have three machines that have had 5.4 and 6.0 installed.  Two of the
three machines have very
> well behaved "ssh".  However, the machine (laptop) named OBOE does not.
>   Specifically "ssh oboe" will (most of the time) hang for around one
minute before asking for a
> prompt.  However, if I'm logged into OBOE and "ssh BSD" (one of the other
machines) a password is
> requested within a couple seconds.  (I said most of the time, since on
occasion I can reboot OBOE
> and ssh will work just fine...hmmm.)
>   I have looked through the /var/log files for clues and skimmed "man ssh"
for time out related
> stuff, but no luck.
>   Where should I start looking for clues?

Try checking /etc/resolv.conf on oboe first, adding a static entry to
/etc/hosts of the remote ip/host should speed dns checks as well.
You can also run ssh in verbose mode (ssh -v oboe) or/and run sshd in debug
mode (sshd -d).


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