Dual core CPUs support

Tomas Randa lists at hosting50.cz
Wed Dec 21 12:12:32 PST 2005

Hello all friends of FreeBSD unix,

I´d like to ask here, what is the actual situation with dual core CPUs - 
Athlon 64 X2 etc. and their functionality with FreeBSD 5.X / 6.X / 7.0 
Few days ago, I bought X2 processor, but unexpectedly FreeBSD found only 
one CPU.
I started to search google, but no exact informations is available.
So I am trying this way, is anybody here who could say me status of Dual 
Core CPUs in FreeBSD and when (IF) they would be supported?
I tried 5.4/i386 with options  SMP, 6.0/i386 with the same config, in 
both cases system found only one CPU, but on 5.4 system wrote HTT 2 
logical units.

Thanks a lot for help.

Tomas Randa

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