"Native" journaling file systems?

Justin Smith jsmith at drexel.edu
Mon Dec 19 07:28:18 PST 2005

Are there any plans to develop UFS3--- i.e., a UFS2 file system with an
added journal?

I've used several journaling file systems in Linux and like the Reiser
FS except for one MAJOR drawback: When something goes wrong, reiser-fsck
absolutely sucks at repairing things (Hans Reiser freely admits that but
says it's never needed because nothing ever goes wrong).

Businesses that use the reiser file system have to buy expensive
commercial products for fixing it (there are at least two on the market).

Ext3 works well and one always has the standard fsck to fall back on if
something goes wrong. One can also easily convert an existing Ext2 file
system to Ext3.

After a crash, replaying the journal only takes a second or two.

A UFS3 might have the same desirable features.

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