[PATCH] FreeBSD/xbox nve(4) support

Rink Springer rink at il.fontys.nl
Mon Dec 19 05:43:14 PST 2005


I have finally discovered why the XBOX nForce card does not attach
correctly. Based on this, the patch at
http://rink.nu/downloads/xbox-patches/xbox-nve.diff will fix the

The problem is, that the card is not fully reset. In fact, it looks as
if the Linux Cromwell BIOS leaves it running, where it does not seem to
accept initialization.

Since probably more XBOX loaders fail to reset the chip correctly, I
have chosen to create a small patch which pulls the chip out of the
running state. This makes the nve(4) driver attach correctly.

Could someone please commit this patch? It will be executed on XBOXes
only, so it will not break anything.

PS. I get 10MB/sec on my XBOX while transferring files, but the nve(4)
    driver will cause 7500 interrupts/sec and burn up 30% interrupt time
    (as well as 50% system time or so). Is this 'normal' behaviour of
    nve(4) ?

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