New nfpm.c driver available for testing

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Sun Dec 18 09:33:36 PST 2005


A new nfpm(4) driver is available for testing:

This driver supports nVidia nForce2/3/4 and AMD-8111 SMBus 2.0

1.  Make sure to create an empty sys/modules/i2c/nfpm/ directory
    before you apply the patch.

2.  Make sure sys/dev/smbus/smbus.c has patched.  :-)

3.  Recompile and reinstall everything in /sys/modules/i2c/:

	cd /sys/modules/i2c && make obj && make && make install

4.  Reboot and load nfpm.ko and smb.ko from loader(8).  NB:
    On my machine, kldload/kldunload/kldload of nfpm.ko results
    in non-working driver, due to some yet to be solved I/O
    resource problem.

5.  Check if nfpm0 and nfpm1 devices have been created.

6.  Make sure /dev/smb[01] nodes exist.

7.  Compile and run the smbtest utility, run it twice, first
    with /dev/smb0 and then with /dev/smb1 as the only argument.

	# ./smbtest /dev/smb0
	found slave device 8
	found slave device 80
	found slave device 81
	# ./smbtest /dev/smb1
	found slave device 8

8.  Patch sysutils/xmbmon sources and substitute the PCI ID of
    your SMBus 2.0 controller (see "pciconf -lv", "nfpm0"):

	cd /usr/ports/sysutils/xmbmon
	make patch
	vi <port_working_directory>/pci_pm.h
	<search for ID_NFORCE2>
	make install

8.  Run mbmon:

	mbmon -S -s0 -d
	mbmon -S -s1 -d

    If any sensors are detected, e.g. on /dev/smb1 (-s1) try

	mbmon -S -s1 -c8 1

9.  Send me the output of "pciconf -lv" and mbmon commands above.

Ruslan Ermilov
ru at
FreeBSD committer
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