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Scott Ullrich sullrich at
Sat Dec 17 15:15:09 PST 2005

Support already exists for NetBoot/PXE and works fine with DragonyFly.
 Last I tried (with FreeBSD 5) I ran into some type of issue that was
fixed in DragonFly prior.  I really wish that I can remember what the
exact issue was but I cannot at this point.   For all I know it may
just work out of the box now with FreeBSD 6.  I should give this a
test soon.


On 12/17/05, Dario Freni <saturnero at> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 10, 2005 at 03:07:57PM +0100, Erik N?rgaard wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > One on the questions-list pointed my attention to the PXE installer
> > project on the project idea list
> >
> > There is no responsible for the project yet, nor are there any technical
> > contacts for the category (userland/installation tools) nor is there any
> > contact address for the idea-list maintainer.
> >
> > So ... who came up with this idea? Who should I bug if I want to
> > contribute to this?
> (re-sending to mailing list)
> This can be intepreted/implemented in many ways. As Alexander said,
> this can be a "dummy" installer which formats, partitions and install
> over the network.
> In my todo list, instead, there's (since at least one year) the idea
> to implement this with FreeSBIE and BSD Installer. BSD Installer was
> already ported to FreeSBIE one year ago, and the actual version of BSD
> Installer works with the new version of the FreeSBIE toolkit.
> It can be nice to have a dedicated version of FreeSBIE which ships
> with a dhcp server on it and can act as a PXE server, allowing clients
> to netboot into BSD Installer. If you agree, we can start working on
> it.
> Bye,
> Dario
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