[PATCH] sbuf_copyin() can return number of bytes copied from user-space

Wojciech A. Koszek dunstan at freebsd.czest.pl
Fri Dec 16 15:13:00 PST 2005


Function sbuf_copyin() at current stage makes no use of "done" argument,
used internally. "done", which is a result of copying string from
user-space address with copyinstr(), contains number of bytes copied. We
can easily extend current implementation:


I'd like to receive comments from people making use of sbuf_copyin() in
their sources. This change will probably make it necessary to compare
return value with -1 in order to detect failure. At current stage,
existing FreeBSD code uses sbuf_copyin in two files, both ignoring
return value, so this shouldn't break anything.

If noone will object, above change will probably be commited. 

Comments are welcome!
* Wojciech A. Koszek && dunstan at FreeBSD.czest.pl

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