HEADS UP: Release schedule for 2006

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Dec 16 01:17:14 PST 2005

Gary Kline wrote:

> 	Sounds like an ambitious schedule...  All  my FBSD servers 
> 	are at least up to 5.3; my laptop is happy at 5.4.  I have
> 	what I believe to be a rationalquestion.  Why should I go
> 	beyond v5.5? 

There is one school of thought that says you shouldn't. If it works for you, 
there is no real need to upgrade.

> More to the point, why can't minor security 
> 	tweaks be maintained indefinitely for 5.5? 

We don't support any branch of FreeBSD indefinitely.

> What will 
> 	releases -6 and -7 offer that can;t reasonably be dropped
> 	into -5?

New features that require protocol/ABI changes, etc. for one. For example, 
I'm working on adding ports/local rc.d scripts to the overall rcorder, and 
that change won't go back into RELENG_5 because it constitutes a major 
paradigm shift, and we don't mess with -stable branches in that way.




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