HEADS UP: Release schedule for 2006

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Fri Dec 16 00:35:05 PST 2005

Gary Kline wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 12:04:05AM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
>>The following is the approximate schedule for FreeBSD releases in 2006:
>>Jan 30: Freeze RELENG_5 and RELENG_6
>>Mar 20: Release FreeBSD 6.1
>>Apr  3: Release FreeBSD 5.5
>>Jun 12: Freeze RELENG_6
>>Jul 31: Release FreeBSD 6.2
>>Oct 23: Freeze RELENG_6
>>Dec 11: Release FreeBSD 6.3
>>A 'freeze' means that the tree will be closed to changes except with
>>specific approval, and the focus will be on producing, testing, and
>>fixing release candidates.  The release dates are targets that we hope
>>to make, but we will continue with the policy of only releasing once
>>all of the showstoppers are cleared, i.e. we will release when it is
>>FreeBSD 5
>>5.5 will be the final release from the RELENG_5 tree.  We are doing it
>>to provide support for users who have committed to FreeBSD 5 and who
>>need more time to transition to FreeBSD 6.  However, in order to keep
>>forward progress with FreeBSD 6, we will produce this in parallel with
>>the 6.1 release, and thus it will not be our main focus.  Users who are
>>using FreeBSD 5 are strongly encouraged to evaluate FreeBSD 6.  After
>>this final release, the security team will provide security update
>>support through 2007.
> 	Sounds like an ambitious schedule...  All  my FBSD servers 
> 	are at least up to 5.3; my laptop is happy at 5.4.  I have
> 	what I believe to be a rationalquestion.  Why should I go
> 	beyond v5.5?  More to the point, why can't minor security 
> 	tweaks be maintained indefinitely for 5.5?

Security updates will be maintained for quite a while.  However, it
takes manpower to test each proposed security change, so it's very hard
to justify doing them 'indefinitely'.  The stated policy from the
security team is 2 years.  So they will probably support 5.5 into
2008, but I wanted to be conservative in my statement in case they
have different plans.

>  What will 
> 	releases -6 and -7 offer that can;t reasonably be dropped
> 	into -5?

Significant performance and stability enhancements that simply cannot
be broken up and backported to FreeBSD 5.  We are marching towards a
'Giant-less' kernel, which means continuing better SMP performance and
better UP responsiveness.  With 6.0 we are finally starting to see the
benefit of the SMPng work that we've been doing for 5 years.


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