Can support Intel's E8500 chipset on freebsd???

wsk at wsk at
Thu Dec 15 19:27:57 PST 2005

jhb wrote:

> lists:
> with DELL PE6850, It seems 6.0 Can't support the
> Intel's E8500 XMB chipset

>What doesn't work?

> pciconf -lv:
> none0 at pci0:9:0: class=0x050000 card=0x01701028 chip=0x26208086 rev=0x00
> hdr=0x00
> vendor = 'Intel Corporation'
> device = 'E8500 XMB A/B/C/D Identification Registers'
> class = memory
> subclass = RAM

>These types of devices don't need a driver to work.

no i just dislike to see the boot "no driver attached" mesegs :')

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