DesktopBSD install problem

Michael R. Orlando m.r.orlando.1st at
Wed Dec 14 17:01:55 PST 2005


I am trying to install DesktopBSD (based on FreeBSD) and when I attempt to boot
 from the
CD burned from v1.0-RC3 X86-CD.ISO (from the DesktopBSD download area), I get t
following message:

CD Loader 1.2
Building the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... FOUND
Read Error: 0X32
Could not find Primary Volume Descriptor

Here are the particulars of my system:

Shuttle AK12AS04 board (06/08/2001-8363-686-AK12AC-00)
AMD Athlon 1.133MHz processor
256 MB memory
30 GB EIDE WD Caviar HD
Award BIOS v6.00PG
System Commander v7 (multi-boot manager)

I have successfully installed multiple versions of DOS, Windows 9x, Win 2000 Pr
o, OS/2, and Linux on this system.

The most recent post on the DesktopBSD forum under installation says to
try again after the release of v3, and that is the version I am
attempting to install.

Please excuse my ignorance, but is there a directory of error
messages, and their meanings that I could consult to determine the
cause and possible remedies for the above, as well as other, error messages?

I have found a prior post which you replied to on the FreeBSD forums, repeated 

On 3/24/2004 4:37 PM, Nicolai E M Plum wrote:
> Hi
> I am having problems booting FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE on a system I
> have. Booting from CD gives me:
> ----
> [other messages from the BIOS]
> CD Loader 1.01
> Building the boot loader arguments
> Read Error: 0x01
> Could not find Primary Volume Descriptor
> ----
> Booting from floppies works OK.
> The same happens when trying to boot a CD of 5.1-RC1 that I happen to
> still have around. 4.9-RELEASE boots fine from CD.
> Hardware is an older Dell Pentium Pro system, with a Samsung SM-532
> DVD-ROM CD-RW drive.
> Any ideas why this happens? I've worked around it, but it's a bit
> awkward. I can't find any details of why it happens in searching mailing
> lists.

The 5.x bootable install CDs no longer use floppy-emulation mode.  The 
change was made because some newer machines do not support this 
emulation mode.  However, older machines may not be able to boot CDs in 
"native" (non-emulation) mode.  We can't support everybody, so we 
support the new machines.

In many cases a BIOS update will fix this, so you might check for that.


   Do you have any further information that might be helpful here?
   How can I find the meanings and actions required of any error messages
   generated during installations or operations?
   How is the error message I receive (0x32) different from the one in
   the post you replied to (0x01)?
   Do you know if the current version I am using is any different from
   the previous version mentioned in the earlier post in this regard?
   Whatever you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.
   Thank you.
   Michael R. Orlando

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