XFS (read-only) support committed to CURRENT

Dennis Berger db at nipsi.de
Tue Dec 13 07:58:50 PST 2005

Craig Rodrigues wrote:

>Read-only XFS support has been committed to FreeBSD-CURRENT.
>Write access to XFS is not supported at this time.
>The XFS for FreeBSD source code is based off of GPL'd sources
>provided by SGI.
>You can compile it into your kernel by adding "XFS" to your
>kernel config file, or you can "kldload xfs".
>If you have an XFS partition on your system, you can try mounting it
>mount -t xfs [device] [mntpoint]
>Additional utilities such as mkfs.xfs are available in the sysutils/xfsprogs
what does mkfs.xfs do on a read-only XFS filesystem?
when is write support be expected?
besides these are great NEWS
best regards,

>Many thanks to Alexander Kabaev and Russell Cattelan for
>starting and doing most of the work on the XFS for FreeBSD port,
>and also to SGI for making the XFS source code freely available.

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