802.1QinQ Support

Gleb Smirnoff glebius at FreeBSD.org
Mon Dec 12 02:47:38 PST 2005

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 10:42:31AM +1300, Tim Price wrote:
T> Is there any support, either inbuilt or third party, that anyone knows of
T> for 802.1QinQ, VLAN Stacking, Inner VLAN (it's called a lot of things by a
T> lot of companies)?
T> The reason I ask is that we provide layer 2 transit over our wireless
T> network using a freebsd 5.4 / 6 appliance.  Recently we have been approached
T> by a group that wants to use VLANS for QOS using their own routers but
T> unless we encapsulate their traffic in our own VLANs we will eventually run
T> into an issue with VLAN conflicts between this group and another potential
T> VLAN user.  Any input that the FreeBSD community has to offer on this issue,
T> or other solutions that we may not have thought about would be greatly
T> appreciated.

You can nest us much 802.1q VLANs as you want using ng_vlan(4).

Totus tuus, Glebius.

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