New libc malloc patch

Johan Bucht bucht at
Sun Dec 11 19:21:40 PST 2005

Johan Bucht wrote:

>>> * Fork safety functions
>>> Nice to have for all allocators and is something I missed having.  
>>> Would
>>> like to have them regardless if your malloc becomes standard or not.
>> I think that the implementation is currently fork-safe.  The threads  
>> libraries call _malloc_prefork() and _malloc_postfork() in order to  
>> avoid locking issues.
> Hmm, I meant that the _malloc_prefork() functions are independent from 
> your malloc allocation and I would like them committed regardless as 
> they make the life easier for other malloc implementation.

Bah, the libc bits not the actual functions of course. =)
Should probably go to sleep instead of writing semi-understandable 

/Johan Bucht

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