New libc malloc patch

David Xu davidxu at
Sun Dec 11 16:49:32 PST 2005

Julian Elischer wrote:

>> No new problems in the malloc code have been found for some time  
>> now.  It has been tested on i386, sparc64, arm, and amd64.  In my  
>> opinion, the malloc patch is ready to be committed.  I am now 
>> working  on the assumption that new problems are more likely 
>> application bugs  than malloc bugs.  This seems like a good time to 
>> start sharing the  debugging load with the community. =)
>> So, how about it?  Can this patch go in now?
> I may have missed it but some benchmark numbers could be good.
> Is there no way to make it an option for a while?
> that would get good testing AND a fallback for people.
I also would like to see any benchmark number, in fact, I had plan
to import ptmalloc in the past, the malloc problem had been discussed
several times in thread@ list.
Also, it would be nice if a fallback can be provided  :-)

David Xu

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