Contacts for project idea list

Erik Nørgaard norgaard at
Sat Dec 10 06:08:03 PST 2005


One on the questions-list pointed my attention to the PXE installer 
project on the project idea list

There is no responsible for the project yet, nor are there any technical 
contacts for the category (userland/installation tools) nor is there any 
contact address for the idea-list maintainer.

So ... who came up with this idea? Who should I bug if I want to 
contribute to this?

Looking at this, it seems that the sysinstall renewal project is 
relevant if anyone knows about that...

Thanks, Erik

PS: It would be great if the one who maintain the idea list had his/her 
address listed - just in case other contact info is missing or someone 
thinks up some brilliant idea.

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