can someone explain...[ PCI interrupts]

Darren Pilgrim darren.pilgrim at
Wed Dec 7 15:12:14 PST 2005

From: John Baldwin
> No, PCI interrupts are level triggered.  Individual APIC pins
> can be programmed to be edge-triggered, sure.  However, then
> interrupts stop working if 2 devices are sharing a line and
> one interrupts after the other has already interrupted and
> after the second device's ISR has already run.  In this case,
> the ithread will finish and go back to sleep waiting for an
> interrupt.  However, since the ISR for the second device
> wasn't run after that device asserted its interrupt pin, the
> second device will keep the pin pulled low forever, so there
> will never be a hi -> low transition that the APIC pin would
> post an interrupt for and that intpin and all attached
> devices are effectively dead.

What if the APIC was programmed to be edge-triggered just before the ithread
runs and programmed back to level-trigger when the ithread completes?

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