[PATCH] nForce2 SMBus support

Martin Cracauer cracauer at cons.org
Wed Dec 7 05:49:12 PST 2005

Vladimir Timofeev wrote on Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 04:18:56AM +0300: 
> I has applied this patch to my RELENG_6 and it seems to work (Abit NF7
> motherboard)

I don't know about that particular board.

But on all newer Abit boards Abit decided not to connect the
temperature sensors to the normal monitoring chips on the board (which
are still there and do voltage monitoring), but instead they have
their proprietary "uGuru" chip (which does all things overclocking
related, including temperature sensors).

The Linux folks have been told documentation for this chip is not and
will not be available.

I have been disrecommending Abit boards ever since (and my AV8-Pro is

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