Will Robinson and all another

GreenX freebsd at azimut-tour.ru
Tue Dec 6 23:05:43 PST 2005

   Hi PPL!

   I have a computer with parent payment ASUS P4C800E-DELUXE.

   OS FreeBSD 6.0-stable (CVS from 21.nov.2005) is established.

   It is established five hard disks:

   - One system on ICH5 ata100 Maxtor 6Y200P0

   - And four on Promise RAID 0+1 WDC WD3200J (D/B)

   All fine worked (except for em0, but also he has normally earned after

   while I have not wanted to establish two more hard disks (Maxtor
   6Y080M0) on Intel in Stripe RAID.

   Hard disks have been put - the system of them has found out

   (the truth and known all bug "failed to enable memory mapping"),

   and I with them was more did than nothing (did not format, did not
   break - there was no time).

   In three days of job the system has given out me the following:

   ad4: req=0xc630f190 SETFEATURES SET TRANSFER MODE semaphore timeout!!
   DANGER Will Robinson!!

   This warning has been given many times.

   And ad4 it is established on Promise!

   After reboot smartd has given out the warning

   smartd [767]: Device:/dev/ad10, 1 Currently unreadable (pending)

   smartd [767]: Device:/dev/ad10, 26 Offline uncorrectable sectors

   (ad10 the first disk in Stripe RAID on Intel MATRIX)

   After that has made CVSUP and has put for the night rebuild the world.

   In the morning has seen - to warrning

   ad4: req=0xc90efd48 SETFEATURES SET TRANSFER MODE semaphore timeout!!
   DANGER Will Robinson!!

   It was added:

   kern.maxfiles limit exceeded by uid 100, please see tuning (7).

   Has install the world, has spat and has disconnected these both HDDs
   from the controller

   (itself Matrix has remained switched on)

   Has passed three more days and yesterday has received the new letter:)

   kernel: DOH! ata_alloc_request failed!

   kernel: FAILURE - out of memory in ata_raid_init_request

   last message repeated 4 times

   kernel: g_vfs_done ():ar0s1d [WRITE (offset=554081878016,
   length=49152)] error = 5

   kernel: g_vfs_done ():ar0s1d [WRITE (offset=554081730560,
   length=12288)] error = 5

   kernel: g_vfs_done ():ar0s1d [WRITE (offset=554082091008,
   length=65536)] error = 5

   kernel: g_vfs_done ():ar0s1d [WRITE (offset=554081927168,
   length=16384)] error = 5

   kernel: g_vfs_done ():ar0s1d [WRITE (offset=554081943552,
   length=16384)] error = 5

   syslogd: kernel boot file is/boot/kernel/kernel

   kernel: panic: kmem_malloc (4096): kmem_map too small: 172470272 total

   Then has switched off also the controller, has again updated system
   and I wait some more days:)

   Immemorial Russian question - "what to make?",

   I think here it is inappropriate, and so all is clear

   Remarks on system: it is switched on HHT (ACPI, SMP) and DEVICE

   the network interface em0 and Intel Matrix, both stand on one irq.

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