Building new Athlon AMD64 Socket 939 or 940 machine

Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at
Tue Dec 6 01:17:48 PST 2005

* S?ren Schmidt (sos at wrote:

[nForce 4 SATA Hotswap]
> That used to work on my MSI nf4 board on 6.0 forward.

Tyan's nForce 4 boards seem to be among those that don't handle hot-swap
properly in FreeBSD; the disks disconnect fine, and on attaching FreeBSD
sees the "connect requested", but the disk doesn't get picked up:

 ata4: DISCONNECT requested
 subdisk8: detached
 ad8: detached
 ata4: CONNECT requested

No amount of fiddling with atacontrol detach/attach/reinit brings it
back.  This is at least true of RELENG_6 on a K8WE and the Tyan board in
Sun's new entry-level Opteron rackmount (X2100).

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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