[rc update] sshd no longer starts at boot

Peter Carah pete at altadena.net
Mon Dec 5 02:32:32 PST 2005

Doug Barton wrote:
> Thanks to debugging help from Manfred and Scott, I've decided to give up
> on trying to figure out what's wrong with the ports scripts. :)
> Seriously though, Brooks and I have had a conversation about whether the
> *.sh scripts generally need to be sourced into the shell at all, or can
> they be run like "regular" rc.d scripts. The problems with the fairly
> simple stuff that Scott and Manfred had installed (i.e., completely
> non-obvious, and no good reason for it to fail) convinced me that we
> need to go this route, at least in the short term.
> Doug

All this from cvsup about 2 or 3 pm pst:

My problem is more related to the earlier ones; I hadn't noticed cron (which
now looking didn't start), but moused doesn't start, nor sshd.  These are *not*
in the ports...  (and yes, I refreshed all of /etc/rc* and removed old scripts
from rc.d...)

The problem with cups.sh dropped me into single user, from which if I just ^D
all the missing stuff started, including cupsd.  Strange...  Actually does
sound like a script is leaving state around that affects others.

-- Pete

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