Brief Report: IBM/Lenovo z60t notebook with FreeBSD [new ath hal]

Sam Leffler sam at
Sat Dec 3 10:40:59 PST 2005

Robert Watson wrote:
> After chatting with Sam Leffler, and being a bit puzzled about the exact 
> failure mode I was seeing, we concluded I should apply his most recent 
> atheros and 802.11 patches, and update to the latest HAL.  Once I did 
> this, all was well.  I don't know what Sam's plans for merging these is, 
> but they're what you need.  I did not try the new HAL with the old 
> 802.11 code and driver.

The new hal will not work with the existing code in cvs--that's why you 
need the patches :)

I don't intend to commit this hal.  There's not been enough feedback and 
it's already several months out of date (i.e. there are fixes that I 
want to include in any new hal I commit).

That said, the hal is definitely an improvement over what's in cvs and 
folks should see no regression from using it--so long as the also apply 
the ath+net80211 patches.


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